Learn About Stretches Before Your Workout in the Fitness Center

how to stretch
Stretch out before a workout to prevent injury. Source: Pixabay

While you have probably always heard that stretching out before you exercise prevents injury, this isn’t necessarily the case. Make sure that you are stretching properly in the fitness center of our Bainbridge apartment by knowing these stretching facts.¬†

  • Contrary to popular belief, stretching before a workout can actually reduce your performance. When warming up with static stretching, a type of stretch in which you stay in one place for a prolonged period of time, studies have shown dramatic decreases in skills. In fact, static stretching has been shown to weaken muscles by as much as five percent. Another study found that static stretching caused a 22 percent reduction in lower-body stability.
  • While decreased performance is a good reason to eliminate any static stretching sessions from your routine, you don’t want to give up stretching entirely. Instead, focus on dynamic stretching. This type of stretching simply involves some form of movement. Good examples of dynamic stretches include jumping jacks, leg kicks, and lunges.
  • Another common misconception about stretching is that it reduces post-workout soreness. Studies have also shown that this isn’t the case. If you’re sore after a workout, try an icepack or hot bath instead. What post-workout stretching will do, however, is increase your flexibility and improve balance.
  • Get in the habit of stretching throughout the day. Taking the time to loosen up tight muscles, especially if you sit all day, can help improve your posture, and may even contribute to a longer life expectancy.
  • When you are stretching, be sure to pay equal attention to both sides of your body. Start by determining which muscle groups you worked the most, and be sure to give those muscles a little extra attention. Then, spend equal time stretching each leg and each arm to make sure that you are improving flexibility and balance equally across your muscle groups.

At the 15th floor fitness center at our Bainbridge apartment, you will find all of the space you need to get in a good, dynamic stretch before your workout. Contact us today to find out more about the fantastic upgrades that you can enjoy while making your home at Bainbridge Bethesda.

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