Store Your Off-Season Items Properly at Your Bethesda Home

Many of us tend to have more stuff than we know what to do with. One of the many amenities at our luxury Bethesda apartment community is added storage space. There are lots of ways to take advantage of this amenity. Here are a few tips on how to store your off-season items properly in your storage area.

Everything should be in boxes. When we leave things out in the open, exposed, they can get dusty and dirty. Over time, this dust and grime can wear away at our items and render them useless. Pack everything away in boxes or storage bins to assure that they are protected from the elements and from time.

Clearly mark everything. Nothing is worst than searching for something only to realize you have been looking in the wrong boxes for hours. Mark each box with what is inside and you will not run into this problem.

Make a map. Draw a map of your storage area. This can help you to plan how you want to store your boxes, and also give you a visual cue to go off of when you are seeking out your items next season.

Be sure to distribute the weight of items evenly in your boxes. Don’t overstuff a box or you run the risk of it ripping apart when you are trying to move it. Carefully weigh each box to make sure that it will last and not collapse when left unattended.

Create a manifest. Everything that you plan on storing away should be listed on a piece of paper. You can separate and categorize this list however you see fit. The importance of this step is significant. When we have a manifest, we can tell right away if the item we are seeking out is in storage or not. You can keep your manifest with the map of your storage area and always have a clear idea of what you have put away for future use.

Be sure to wrap fragile items in newspaper or bubble wrap. If a box falls or breaks, you want your precious items to be safe. Anything that could break easily should be given extra attention to assure their safety and grant you a nice bit of peace of mind.

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